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The #1 Strategy to Make Your Custom Boxes Unique

Imagine you’re at a supermarket, looking for a product. You go to the specific aisle, and you see that product offered by various brands. Now, you’re obviously going to choose the product that catches your eye first. Or a product with unique packaging which falls in your price range too, right? So, this is where the role of innovative packaging comes in. Manufacturers are always trying their best to design their custom boxes in a way that attracts customers and increases their sales. If you are such a producer as well, then search no more because these great tips will help you out. 

Selecting Robust Materials is Vital Sleeve Boxes

The material you choose affects the packaging more than you think. The primary function of high-quality material is to protect the product and maintain the quality of the packaging. Thus, if you choose a low-quality material, the box will soon lose its charm, and it won’t fulfill its purpose. There are various materials that you can choose from for customized boxes. However, it is crucial to make sure that you pick a high-quality material. 

The rigid material is a sturdy material that can be used for all types of Sleeve Boxes Wholesale. Moreover, it protects the products from moisture and other forms of damage as well. Similarly, cardstock is another common choice. It is a thick material and offers adequate safety to your products. In addition to this, it is light on your pocket as well. 

Corrugated material can also be used for boxes. It is one of the strong sturdiest materials available in the packaging market and industry. Hence, it is mostly used for shipping and storage purposes. However, it can also be customized for any other design or shape as well. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for a sustainable option, then kraft material is a perfect choice. It is biodegradable, eco-friendly, and recyclable. Moreover, it is very resilient and keeps your products free from damage. In addition to this, people prefer eco-friendly packaging over regular packaging. Thus, choosing kraft material is excellent for the environment and your business as well. 

Make Your Packaging Design Attractive and Practical 

Visual presentation plays a vital part in selling your product. When faced with a lot of choices, people go for the product with the most attractive box. Hence, manufacturers try their best to make their packaging different from their competitors. However, manufacturers often make the mistake of choosing complicated designs too. This frustrates customers, and they usually refrain from buying that particular product again. Thus, it is essential to choose an enticing and functional design as well. 

Packaging companies offer various designs for custom product boxes. Moreover, the size and shape of these designs can be easily customized. Some of the available designs are: 

  • Mailer boxes. 

  • Sleeve boxes. 

  • Two-piece boxes. 

  • Gable boxes and bags. 

  • Pillow boxes

You can further elevate the look of these boxes by choosing a suitable coating. The coatings available for this purpose are:

  • Gloss.

  • Matte.

  • Spot UV.

Select Distinctive Color Schemes

Colors are a great way to attract customers. However, it is not suitable to use too many colors at once. This is because it may make the box lose its appeal. Thus, it would be best if you chose an appropriate and unique color scheme. Moreover, including patterns in your design can make it stand out among others as well. On the other hand, you can also go for a minimalistic by choosing a single color. This can make your custom packaging look sleek and modern. Furthermore, you can pick a color model of your choice too. You can choose from CMYK and PMS for your boxes. 

Utilize add-ons to Take Your Boxes to the Next Level

Add-ons are an excellent way to enhance the design of your packaging. They give that extra push to your box, which makes it cross the line from ordinary to extraordinary. Hence, they act like accessories for your boxes which can be utilized in any way you wish. There are various add-ons available for custom packaging boxes. This variety includes: 

  • Foil stamping. 

  • Die-cutting. 

  • PVC windows. 

  • Embossing. 

  • Debossing. 

Use these Appealing Printing Techniques to Showcase Your Product

Personalized printing is an excellent way of marketing your product. You can describe your product in an enticing way and convince customers to buy it through printing. This is because people always pick up a box; they find it attractive and read it. Thus, influential printing further solidifies the effect of an alluring box on the customer. You can utilize customized printing to highlight the unique qualities of your product. Moreover, you can add other useful information on Luxury Candle Boxes Wholesale as well. This may include directions for use, the purpose of the product, ingredients, etc. Reading the box will help customers decide whether they should buy the product or not. 

In addition to this, you can also choose the font style, color, and size for the printed material too. What makes it even better is that you can select a printing technique of your choice as well. An appropriate printing technique can significantly uplift the design of custom printed boxes. You can choose from the following: 

  • Offset printing. 

  • Digital printing. 

  • Flexography printing. 

Pick Urgent Boxes for your packaging needs 

Urgent Boxes is a US-based packaging company. They manufacture great Custom Boxes Wholesale and deliver them to our doorstep. Moreover, they use modern technologies to provide you with quality services. Also, they offer free shipping all over the USA without any charges. 

For more information about custom boxes, visit their website or contact their helpful customer support.



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Order Customized Cupcake Boxes at Reasonable Rates

The demand for Cupcakes in the market is high as it is used to present them to the kids as a gift. But you know, packaging plays a crucial role as it makes the outlook of the product fascinating. So, it means, for fascinating packaging you have to consult with experienced companies that provide you Cupcake Boxes at very reasonable prices. Furthermore, they will let you know about their latest offers and upcoming discounts deals on the custom packaging.

Besides that, your selected manufacturing company will provide you with different and unique ideas to customize the  Cupcake Boxes Wholesale under your budget range. Furthermore, you have to acknowledge the latest trends that can boost your product sale. Meanwhile, minimize the sizes and dimensions of the boxes according to your product range. This technique will keep your budget-friendly that you can save your money and spent it on later.

Get alluring Cupcake Boxes to make the sturdy look of the boxes

Okay! be honest to yourself and prefer the eco-friendly material that is mostly in demand these days. You know that raw material is of no use and is going to give you profit at any level. Hence sweet products like candies need sturdy packaging that keeps them secure from any damage. Hence Cupcake Boxes in cardboard material is the most preferable packaging. So, you can select this material that will boost up your candle product sale in the market. Parents will love to buy the candies for their children if they found out them in fascinating packaging.

Furthermore, the  Cupcake Boxes give another fascinating impression of the candies. So, you have another option of Kraft and corrugated packaging that keeps it alluring and appealing for the others. Besides that, corrugated packaging is much sturdier in appearance due to its e-fluted layer, and Kraft paper is used to present lightweight products in a more appealing method. So, grab these stunning papers and boost up your Cupcake sale by having the most commendable designs of the boxes.

The cardboard Cupcake Boxes becomes a new sensation as it can mold into different designs easily. That’s why it was used tremendously due to its feasibility of molding the paper. Besides that, custom packaging becomes more esthetic due to the use of commendable material and the surety that candies remain safer inside them.

Enhance your Cupcake Boxes product demand due to eye-catching prints of the boxes

The fascinating prints always attract the instincts of the customers. Because everybody loves different colors that are unique and attractive. Hence, the latest printing techniques are becoming more common in creating the most fascinating look of the Custom Cupcake Boxes. Furthermore, the use of CMYK and PMS together in creating different color make the packaging more fascinating. So, avail these techniques and make your packaging more commendable for the customers.

Furthermore, digital, 3D/2D, offset, and onset printing techniques are also common. So, you can make the most esthetic color scheme of the Cupcake Boxes within no time. Before the latest technology, it was difficult to get the desired color. But modern era changed every perspective and bring out the most appealing color pattern for the packaging. But 3d/2d printing is the most fascinating one in that you can grab the imaginative theme of your world into your favorite custom boxes.

Get fascinating designs of the custom Cupcake Boxes to grab the attention of the Cake lovers

Now, we are talking about the designs of the Cupcake Boxes that have a great impact on your product sale. If you want to extend your product sale you have to make sure, that your product is packed in fascinating outlooks the packaging. Furthermore, different packaging designs are available that you can select any one of them, that you think is suitable for your candies. Hence, every design is fascinating in its way. So, select the style that is suitable for the safety of the items.

Now let’s have look at the most demanding designs of the Blank Cereal Boxes that are mostly available in mind-blowing packaging. Hence, the designs like gable, sleeve, front and reverse end tuck, display boxes are preferable ones. You have many options to grab one of the most attractive designs of the packaging to highlight your brand standard in the market. Thus, make sure that every design is appointed according to your product size.


Avail different add/on features options to make the custom packaging more attractive

Now, we will discuss the latest features that make the custom Cupcake Boxes more fascinating for the customers. Thus, you have to grab the most outstanding packaging designs. Then apply these features to make it more alluring for others. The most demanding feature is foiling which makes the text or logo on the packaging more appealing. Besides that, silver/gold foiling is the most fascinating one that will create a huge hype of the boxes in the market.

Furthermore, embossing/debossing is another interesting feature that you can use to enhance the beauty of the texture of the Cupcake Boxes Wholesale Customers will appreciate your brand due to these enchanting features. Meanwhile, you have another option of embellishments as well. That will help you to provide the most fascinating look of the packaging. Add glitters and beads on the packaging f you want to give a present Cake as a gift to your dear ones. So, there are several tactics to increase the beauty of the packaging to make your loved ones happy.

Hence, raised inks and PVC sheets are used to give an extraordinary and safe image of the Custom candy packaging. Thus, you have designed the boxes by having window die-cuts then you have to put a PVC sheet on it to make your candies fresh and dust-free. So, design your boxes by utilizing these features and making them different and unique from other brands' packaging. Hence, customers will also appreciate your efforts and will recommend your brand to others as well to buy yummy candies in outstanding designs and commendable packaging.



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Get yourself the Coolest Dispenser boxes for your Products

If you are thinking to launch a new game then custom boxes are the best option for it. Give a jump to your business with the unique Dispenser boxes. There is a great revolution in games. Every person likes to play games according to their choice. Its packaging need is also increasing day by day. If you are a vivid gamer, you also know the value of its packaging because quality packaging can keep the game safe from damage.

Packaging affects a lot on the buyer. Sometimes kids buy the games just because of their packaging. Appealing and tempting packaging is the most effective tool that can enhance your sale and provide maximum benefits. To design the coolest Game Boxes for your games you can follow the steps given below:

Select the Protective Material


The first and the most important factor is the manufacturing material. The protection of the games is the main concern, so using quality material is very necessary. As video games need more protection from moisture so make sure that the material that you choose for the packaging can keep the product safe from moisture, humidity, and other contaminants. Using fragile material can also damage your product while shipping. Suppose you receive your favorite game with damaged packaging what do you feel? You might take that company as irresponsible and stop buying from it again. The same case applies to other customers because most of the customers think that quality packaging has quality products inside it.

To keep in mind all the perspectives of ideal packaging companies prefer to use cardboard and corrugated. To make the corrugated boxes more sturdy clients also demand to increase the flute layers according to the need of their product. Corrugated boxes are also the best shipping boxes due to their durability and reliability. It is also a shock absorber and keeps the games safe from damage on the unpaved roads while shipping. Cardboard and corrugated are both perfect for every kind of printing. You can consult us to buy bulk Dispenser boxes with your desired material. The other main reason for using these materials is that they are affordable and you can use them again and again.

Make Your Packaging Game  Appealing with Artwork:

Show your creativity on your Dispenser boxes and make them tempting with advanced printing techniques. By using different printing designs, you can make your boxes different from others, and this uniqueness is the key to success. You can grab the attention of customers easily with innovative and creative artwork. Offset is the most used printing technique because it can be used for every kind of material. That is why packaging customizing companies prefer to use offset printing. We can help you to choose the best printing design for your Dispenser Boxes. Avail of the services of our expert team and get mesmerizing packaging for your games.

Furthermore, we are also offering 2D, 3D, and digital printing, and our professionals know how to use these printing techniques to give an appealing look to your boxes so that you can have more customers and get maximum profit.

Print Information About the Dispenser:

Ideal Dispenser boxes Wholesale also have game instructions on them, so that it will help the gamer to build and play the game easily. Printing the game steps and other information on the box will give a professional look to your packaging. Besides this, you can also print your brand logo in a stunning style on the box. It will make your brand prominent in the market among thousands of other brands, and people can easily recognize your brand from a distance. To print brand elements and other instructions on the box, we are offering amazing techniques of embossing, debossing, foiling (silver and gold), and raised ink. You are free to choose any of them but choose carefully that suits your brand and product. You can take the help of our experts.

Make Them Eye-Catching with Cheerful Colors:

Kids are always attracted to bright and cheerful colors, so use energetic colors to attract the kids. For adults, you can choose the color accordingly. You can design your Dispenser boxes just with single color or by using a combination of different colors. We always take our clients with us. You can freely share your ideas with us to design your boxes. Our great team of experts will guide you to choose the perfect color scheme to design the coolest Dispenser boxes.

Make them affordable:


The main factor that can affect your sale is the cost. Companies already spend lots of money on the production of games if they use expansive Blank Cereal Box it will increase the price of the product, and it is human psychology that people always attract towards cost-effective products. Therefore, if your product is expensive, people may leave it which will decrease your sale. Try to make your product economical for people so that more people can afford it.

Trade with UrgentBoxes:

You can customize your game boxes from anywhere, but for it, you might have to pay a heavy amount. Urgent Boxes is offering premium quality packaging boxes for your gaming products at affordable rates. Now get both things, quality, and low prices, at the same place. Even you do not need to pay extra charges for the shipping because we are offering free shipping all over the USA. Your satisfaction means a lot to us, so for your satisfaction and to avoid any misunderstanding we offer a free mock-up sample. It will save money and time for the client. Get the boxes with matt and glossy finishing also with lamination to give a smooth finishing. We also offer a free quote. If you are worried about the time then no need to worry anymore because we take minimum manufacturing time. Your order will be on your door within your given time. We test all the boxes before shipping to make sure to deliver error-free boxes. We assure you that you will be satisfied and happy after receiving the order. Trade with us, it will help you to boost your business.



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Increase Your Product Demand with Our Custom Cereal Boxes

The box that is perfectly fine regarding size and shape to your product is called custom boxes. But if you are manufacturing the custom boxes for your cereals then you can call them custom cereal boxes. On the other hand, customizing companies can design the box according to the desired product size. Hence the benefit of availing the outstanding boxes is to preserve the cereals from any damage.

In customization, you have the option to select a design, material, and printing colors to get the boxes of your choice. So, it means you are the witness of your desired box as you will be there to select every useable thing in making the custom boxes. Furthermore, everybody's style becomes more appealing after adding different embellishments to increase the beauty of the packaging. So, design your favorite custom boxes to protect your cereals by having fascinating packaging.

Increase Your Product Demand with Our Custom Cereal Boxes

Do you want to increase your cereal product sale? Are you worried? Don’t worry, our company Urgent Boxes is here to provide you with the outstanding designs of the boxes that will boost up your product sale. You can select every possible feature that can make your custom packaging more alluring for the buyers. We will provide you with the surety that packaging will be sturdy and prominent in designing as well for the visitors.  

Furthermore, the most fascinating prints and appealing designs are the main concern of our company. We put our efforts into creating the most lavish look of the packaging by having the latest modern technology. The use of modern machinery develops the box packaging in fascinating design and color scheme. Hence the latest printing method play a major role in increasing the demand for cereals in the market. 

  • Digital printing

  • 3D/2D printing


  • Offset/onset printing

  • No printing

So, these are the most outstanding techniques of printing that made the most fascinating looks of the packing. The use of digital printing can give you a different outlook on the packaging. On the other hand, the use of CMYK and PMS is common as it brings out the most esthetic color scheme that keeps the packaging alluring. So, grab one of the above printing techniques to highlight the packaging in the market. 

Promote Your Brand with Eye-catching Food Packaging

Your cereal brand needs proper packaging that attracts customers to buy from you. Hence there are several types of cereal boxes that clients can customize. Hence, the baby cereal packaging can customize with baby printing pictures and so on. So, it means it depends on the client’s choice to get an order of the fine boxes according to the product. Hence, if your cereals are for breakfast then let the packaging customize in breakfast images. The most attractive designs of the Blank Cereal Boxes are:

  • Gable boxes with handle

  • Sleeve boxes

  • Front and reverse end tuck boxes

These are the most prominent designs of the boxes that you can select for your cereals. Hence, the prints of the packaging can change based on the flavor of the cereals. Hence, customize the chocolaty packaging for chocolate cereals. On the other hand, clients can customize their brand logo on the packaging to tell the buyers about their cereals. You have to select the fonts of the logo wisely that must be readable for the buyers. 

Eco-friendly Custom Packaging for Your Food Products

The packaging is important in creating the most outstanding looks of the boxes. Hence, sturdy use of the material is impactful in developing the most outstanding appearance of the packaging. Meanwhile, every style is appropriate if the core part of the packaging is its effect. Hence the base of every fascinating design is its material. the most demanding packaging material is:

  • Cardboard

  • Kraft

  • Corrugated

The use of cardboard material is high in customizing the most appealing look of the Dispenser Boxes. Hence, customers have the option to select any one of the materials to customize the eye-catching design. Hence, Kraft Material is used to store light-weight products as well as corrugated is for heavy-weight products.

 Get Free Shipping All Over the USA On Your Order

We are here to serve our customers and provide them the free shipping option all over the world especially in the USA. It means we take no delivery charges and your custom packaging of the cereals reached your doors timely. So, make sure that packaging is completely fine and your cereals will remain fresh in the recyclable material. So, get your favorite cereal boxes in fascinating designs and desiring prints.

Urgent Boxes offer a 30% Discount on your Custom Cereal Boxes

On the other hand, our rates are very reasonable as we do free shipping in the USA. Furthermore, get a 30% discount on your favorite custom Blank Cereal Box from our company. We provide you with the packaging at wholesale rates as well.



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How To Sell Soap Boxes? Here’s How

Although there is no clear doubt in the fact that people al; across the globe are always trying newer things. The purpose of experimenting every now and then is to find out if something works. Therefore, many soap manufacturers out there are always worried about the right way to grow their business. So here it is. A guide for you all to maximize the sales and market value of your soaps within no time. Although there is one constant thing that you need which is patience. A lot of effort and hard work will pay off eventually. Read all these tips and tricks to make sure that your kraft Soap Boxes Wholesale reach a larger audience and give you greater profits.

Focus On Picking Substantial Materials

Your first necessity must be to select materials that are strong and sturdy. It is so because any material that you use will eventually be the key to either your success or your failure. Therefore, choosing durable materials should be your priority. Materials tend to evaluate the market value and sales of your products. This is why the materials have to be chosen with concentration and visualizations. The market offers three of the most durable materials that are corrugated, eco-kraft, and card-stock.

The purpose of all three of these materials is to maximize the sales of your boxes for soaps and to keep them safe for a longer period of time. Card-stock is one of the most versatile materials available in the packaging market. It also has alternate names like cover-stock and paperboard. Although it clearly is one of the best materials in the entire packaging industry. On the contrary, eco-kraft is also an amazing material in terms of keeping nature safe. It is 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly which is why it is even more reliable. You can use this material to play your part in keeping the environment healthier and safer.

Although both of these materials are the best, they are still not eligible enough to carry out shipping. Shipping is an extremely intense process that requires a lot of effort and stability. Therefore, you can find another amazing material in the market called corrugated. It is famous enough to be recognized as the shipping material. Hence, you can also use it and there is a 100% guarantee that the soaps will remain the same. The white soap boxes will be delivered to the destinations in their original shape and size.

Cherry-Pick Anything Other Than Cliché Designs

Moreover, once you have chosen the materials you have to put in some extra effort to make soap boxes look adorable. This can only be done by adding some colorful and vibrant customizations. There are two choices available in the market that are some bright coatings and the others are radiant printing techniques. The coatings are further divided into two more categories that are gloss and matte. The gloss coating covers the custom-printed Sleeve Boxes soap in shiny and bright coverage to make them glow. Also, these boxes shine in the sunlight and appeal to more and more customers.  On the other hand, the matte coating is entirely different from the gloss coating in terms of coverage. The matte coating covers the custom soap gift boxes in a lusterless coating that dies not shine. Even though the boxes look super enthralling without the shine too.

Also, there are two types of very common printing techniques available for you that are offset and digital printing. Both of these techniques are being used for decades and have proven to be extremely beneficial. Digital printing is an affordable method that costs lesser than the other one. It uses simple ink folds to spread the ink on the soap packaging boxes. However, in offset printing, high-quality rollers play their role. They glaze the entire box in a charming and adorable way. Although it is a bit expensive, you can still save the cost by printing all the boxes at the same time.

How To Find A Suitable Company?

Furthermore, after knowing everything you must be wondering that where can you find all this for the window Soap Boxes. So basically all of the designs and customizations are available at various packaging companies. The market is full of packaging companies that are waiting to serve you. They purely intend to be there for you and to have your contentment. However, while choosing a packaging company you have to keep some important factors in your mind so that you don’t get lost. Also, it is extremely important to make sure that the company you choose is not a fraud. Since so many companies are only here to give you losses and to waste your money. Therefore, keeping this check must be your first and foremost necessity

The company should be responsible enough to understand your requirements and needs. Also, make sure that you read all the previous reviews and remarks from customers to get an idea. Once you read all of this you will get to know whether the company is worth a try or not. Moreover, also have some options in your brain so that you can choose any of the best ones. The company you select must be affordable so that you don’t get out of your budget. Any company that wishes to work with you will make sure that you don’t waste any money that your own. Find the right company and order your pre roll packaging with the logo right away. It's summer season already and the hottest sales are live.

 Choose Urgent Boxes As Your Companions

Just like you got to know that any amazing packaging company has a trillion attributes attached. Henceforth, you can also count on urgent boxes as your representatives in the packaging market. They offer sustainable boxes with such enthralling customizations that you will be amazed. Also, they have some sales going on at the moment so you can also avail them to get.



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How to Create Cream Boxes in Five Simple Steps

Creams are used for fresh and healthier-looking skin. Furthermore, there are various creams available for medical purposes, as well. However, no matter what kind of cream it is, it is essential to use quality packaging. The packaging does not only keeps the creams safe but also enhances their display as well. Furthermore, unique boxes can also set your creams apart from the rest and attract more customers.  

If you also want to create the perfect Cream Boxes, read this out till the end. These packaging tips are bound to help you achieve the ideal boxes. 

Select Materials that Ensure Safety

To ensure that the creams stay effective, it is vital to keep them safe from moisture, high temperatures, and sunlight. Thus, choosing a thick and durable material for the boxes is the only way to do this. Such material will keep the creams safe from all harmful situations. Hence, customers will be able to enjoy all the benefits of your amazing creams. 

There are different materials you can choose from for wholesale cream packaging. For instance, cardstock, also known as cover stock, is one of the most commonly used materials. It has various qualities which make it a suitable choice. For example, it is sturdy and available at affordable prices as well. In addition to this, you can also use rigid material for the boxes. This material can be customized in various ways. 

However, if you are looking for environment-friendly options, kraft material is the right choice for you. This material is the manufacturers’ top choice for creating eco-friendly boxes. Furthermore, it is biodegradable and recyclable as well. Hence, using kraft material is an excellent way to create quality packaging while keeping the environment safe. 

Find a Box Most Suitable for You 

No matter which shape or size your creams come in, you can always pick a box that suits them the best. Packaging companies offer several box designs so you can choose whichever one you want. In addition to this, you can make various customizations to the boxes to get your desired results. These are some of the designs you can choose from for face cream boxes: 

• Sleeve boxes. 

• Tuck-end boxes. 

• Two-piece boxes. 

Furthermore, packaging companies also allow you to personalize the coating as well. Hence, you can choose any coating that suits the boxes best. The available coatings are: 

• Matte coating. 

• Gloss coating. 

• Spot UV. 

Enhance Visibility

Various brands are selling different creams in the market. Hence, it may be difficult for customers to notice your creams. So, to eliminate this problem, it is necessary to make the boxes look more prominent and visible.  

The best way to make your Games Boxes visible is by using a suitable color combination. The colors you choose play a huge role in catching the customers' eyes. Furthermore, it is vital to use a color scheme representing your creams and your brand in the best possible way. In addition to this, you can also select the color model you want to use for the skin-lightening cream packaging. The models you can choose from are: 

• CMYK: This color model utilizes only four colors; cyan, magenta, yellow, and black to make further colors. Hence, this quality makes CMYK an affordable choice. 

• PMS: The Pantone Matching system uses separate color codes for every color included in the design. So, this quality makes PMS more expensive than CMYK. 

Make the Boxes Informative with Customizable Printing 

Whenever customers go to buy creams, they always read the box before making their final decision. This helps customers decide if the cream is appropriate for their use or not. Hence, it is essential to mention important details regarding the creams. These may include directions for use, ingredients, and expiration dates. Furthermore, it is also crucial to print the logo and brand name, so people know which company’s creams they are using. In addition to this, this also helps increase brand recognition as well. Apart from this, you can also include distinctive patterns or pictures to enhance the design as well.  

Additionally, it is essential to make the printed content look appealing to maintain the boxes' look. So, for this purpose, you can select a font style and color for the boxes. Packaging companies also allow you to select a printing technique for the boxes as well. This helps you achieve your desired outcomes for the printed material. You can choose from the following techniques for Cream Boxes Wholesale

• Digital printing is an expensive technique. However, it is not suitable for long-term uses as it starts to wither away after some time. 

• Flexography printing is a budget-friendly technique that gives quality results. However, its price increase with an increase in color. 

• Lithographic printing gives the printed material a soft and shiny finish. 

Use add-ons to Make the Packaging look like a Million Bucks

Add-ons are excellent for enhancing the important details of the boxes. Using add-ons can make a regular box look like a million bucks. Furthermore, packaging companies offer various add-ons that can be customized according to your requirements. The add-ons you can use for Mascara boxes are: 

• Embossing. 

• Debossing. 

• Foil stamping. 

• PVC windows. 

• Die-cutting. 

Place Your Order at UrgentBoxes 

At Urgent Boxes, you can choose from various packaging options and customize them according to your requirements. They prioritize customer satisfaction and use quality materials for manufacturing the best custom cream packaging boxes for you. Furthermore, they also provide free delivery all over the USA. 

For more details about their services, you can contact their customer care or refer to their website as well.



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Expand Your Business With the Help of Durable Packaging

Once a company starts its business, it grows with time. Every person learns more and more about the industry hence they also realize the importance of versatility. Undoubtedly, customers prefer selecting companies with diversity. So you must also make sure that you choose a company that offers the best to you. The market has innumerable packaging companies but it is up to you to choose the one that is ideal

Robust Materials:

The packaging companies offer reliable materials to make packaging for cannabis products. Cannabis boxes have to consist of strong and thick materials so that the cannabis products remain safe and sound. Thus, to make long-lasting packaging, the companies offer three reliable materials that are card-stock, eco-kraft, and corrugated. Firstly, card stock and eco-kraft are two of the most suitable materials available in the entire packaging market. The ideal thickness for making Cannabis Packaging boxes with these materials is 14pt. Also, these two are super adaptable so you can use any type of customization on them.

On the contrary, shipping tends to be extremely stressful which is why the market used corrugated material, corrugated is one of the thickest materials you can ever find. It consists of flites that keep adding to its thickness and make it even more useful.

Vibrant Printing Methods doing Wonders : 

Surely, you must know that printing is the best marketing technique and You can get anything printed on the CBD Oil Boxes for sale. Therefore, almost every packaging company in the market offers these methods to enhance the beauty of the boxes. Plenty of designs and animations are printable and It is always upon the customer's requirements. Digital and offset printing methods serve their purpose in printing everything on the special boxes with cannabis. Both of these methods are super affordable and trendy but there are some major differences.

  For instance, digital print is a regular method so it is not very useful in printing special stickers and animations. On the contrary, offset printing uses high-tech machinery and aids in making cannabis gift boxes appealing. You can print anything on the cannabis subscription boxes in the USA with the help of offset printing. Although it is your decision to make.

Making eye-pleasing Cannabis Seed Packaging:

Importantly, to make your packaging the most outclass must be your goal. Furthermore, many companies work all day and night to make sure that their services are the best. Various packaging companies offer you the most classic packing for your cannabis oil. Select either gloss, matte, or spot finishing to create the most amazing Cannabis Seed Boxes. As the name suggests, the gloss coating adds to the shine and shimmer of the best cannabis subscription boxes whereas, the matte coating makes the boxes more defined and sleek.

The purpose of these coatings is to assure that boxes are worth buying and that there is nothing better than your wooden cannabis boxes. Also, the packaging not only enhances sales but also boosts up the morale of all your customers. It is so because no customer wishes to buy boring boxes which is why appealing and affordable cannabis bath bomb boxes are the key to success.

Urgent Boxes has Got You Covered: 

Above all, a new packaging company called The Urgent Boxes has emerged in the market. The company has broken records of all the previous companies in the shortest period of time. Also, the reviews and remarks are completely surprising because no company has ever gotten enough sales in such a short time span. You can get your CBD Boxes made by them and boost up the sales of your cannabis oils in the market.



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The Secrets to Getting Perfect Wax Paper Bags

Paper bags are quite popular among manufacturers and customers as well. What makes them so great is that they can be used for any product you can think of. You can use these bags for carrying clothes, groceries, and gifts as well. In addition to this, they are also relatively easy to carry. Thus, their versatility and efficiency make them a common choice for many people. Furthermore, these bags are durable as well. Therefore, they can carry various items without breaking them down. However, it is vital to make your Paper Bags look unique and alluring. 

Hence, if you are looking for ways to do this too, then search no more. Read out this easy guide to know the secrets for designing perfect bags. 

Customize the Design to Fit your Requirements

Custom Wax Paper Bags mostly come in square or rectangular shapes. However, you can customize their size according to the products you provide. So, choosing these bags for your brand is a great decision. 

In addition to this, you can also pick a coating of your choice to increase the bag’s appeal. A suitable coating can significantly uplift the design of your bags and make them look more elegant. Moreover, there are three different coatings available for you to choose from. These coatings are: 

  • Gloss coating. 

  • Matte coating. 

  • Spot UV (gives both matte and gloss coating effects) 

Pick Handles that Complement the Look of the Bags. 

Selecting suitable handles can significantly affect the overall design of your bags. Packaging companies offer various options for this purpose. However, some of the commonly chosen handles are: 

  • Ribbon: This handle gives the bags a more sophisticated and elegant look. Thus, they are beneficial for enhancing the design of the bags. 

  • Cotton: These handles are made by twisting cotton threads or fibers. This is similar to ribbon handles but stronger.  

  • Twisted paper: As denoted by the name, these handles are made with different pieces of paper twisted around each other. This option is inexpensive and easier to make, as well. 

  • The folded paper handles: These handles are made of paper as well. Moreover, they give your bag a more unique and minimalistic look.   

Unique Colors Can Make Your Design Eye-catching

Customers love attractive and alluring. Furthermore, customers often save these bags for future use as well. Thus, you can also make your bags look unique by using beautiful and vibrant color combinations. Using distinctive patterns can also help make your logo Wax Paper Bags different from the rest.  

However, you can also create a minimalistic design as well. Such designs include White Paper Bags without any other color or patterns. Nevertheless, the bags you choose represent your brand and your products. Thus, you can choose any color scheme that you think represents your brand in the best way possible. 

No matter what color combination you choose, you can always make it better by selecting a suitable color model. There are two color models available with different characteristics. For instance, CMYK uses colors; yellow, cyan, magenta, and black to make other beautiful colors. On the other hand, the Pantone Matching System (PMS) has separate color codes for each color. Thus, this quality makes PMS an expensive color model. 

Choose kraft Material For Eco-friendly Bags

Nowadays, people are anxious about the environment. Our environment's condition is continually declining, which is causing a rapid change in the climate as well. Therefore, people now prefer eco-friendly solutions for all their daily tasks. Thus, you can make a significant impact on your customers by opting environment-friendly bag. 

This can be done by making a small change by choosing kraft material instead of the standard material used for bags. Kraft material is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and recyclable. Moreover, it is quite resilient and completely customizable, as well. Hence, by choosing printed Kraft Paper Bags, you can play your part in protecting the environment without compromising on quality. 

Make Your Customized Printing Look like a Million Bucks. 

Personalized printing is beneficial for enhancing the design of our bags. You can do so by printing your logo and brand name enticingly. Furthermore, you can make custom paper with a logo look even better by printing a catchy slogan as well. These details will help customers recognize your brands in other places as well.  

You can also pick a font style, color, and size as well to make the custom paper printed bags look even more fabulous. In addition to this, you can also pick a suitable printing technique. There are three different techniques with different qualities. The techniques you can choose from are: 

  • Offset printing. 

  • Digital printing. 

  • Flexography printing. 

Add-ons are Bound to Make an Impact on Your Bags

Add-ons are a unique way to make your wax paper bags wholesale look captivating. This addition can increase the beauty and appeal of the bags. Moreover, there are various add-ons available that can be used in any way you want.

For example, embossing or debossing can be used for printing the brand name on the bags. Moreover, you can use these add-ons for the slogan as well. Similarly, another great add-on is foil stamping. Also, it is available in various colors as well.  

Turn Your Designs Into Reality with UrgentBoxes 

If you are looking for a company to fulfill your packaging needs, UrgentBoxes is a suitable choice. They manufacture quality custom printed wax paper with no minimum at budget-friendly rates. Furthermore, they offer free delivery all over the US.  

For additional information about custom brown paper bags, you can refer to their website or contact their helpful customer care as well. 




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Eyeliner boxes are Available in Various Shapes and sizes

Give Your Product a Best Look and Security with Eyeliner boxes

Make-up cannot be complete without eyeliner. It is one of the most important cosmetics items that help to make the eyes more attractive. Research shows that women attract to the appealing packaging. Custom eyeliner boxes are the best option to attract your target audience. By using innovative and unique-looking boxes for the Eyeliner Boxes you can increase your sale. 

These eyeliner packagings are made with the finest quality material that can help you to protect your product from damage. By adding some additional features to make them more secure like lamination and coating. Corrugated, Kraft paper and cardboard are the best option for the secure packaging of eyeliners. You can choose any material of your choice according to your product need.

Eyeliner Boxes

These are sturdy enough to protect the product from all kinds of damage like moisture, heat, and other harmful environmental factors and deliver your product safe and sound at its destination. Eyeliner pencil packaging with these materials is also safe for the environment as these materials are eco-friendly and can also be recycled after use.

Important Advantages of using Eyeliner boxes

Product presentation is very important to boost your sale. When we talk about eyeliner, you cannot sell them without eyeliner packaging. Using the best quality custom eyeliner boxes can provide you with great benefits. Using Eyeliner boxes can help you to organize your eyeliners when you have a great variety of eyeliners. It does not just help to protect the eyeliner from temperature and dust but also keeps them in a style and easy way.

Custom eyeliner boxes help to stand your product in the market among your competitors. Companies use these eyeliner boxes and other boxes such as sleeve boxes, Packaging for Lip Gloss, window boxes to add glamour and attraction to their products. By giving some creative touch to the packaging you can attract your target audience easily.

If you are thinking about launching a new eyeliner brand, then custom eyeliner boxes are the best option to introduce your product in the market, where already thousands of brands are ready to compete with you. So, your packaging should be stunning and unique.

Eyeliner Boxes

Eyeliner boxes are Available in Various Shapes and sizes

An immense variety of eyeliner boxes is available in the market. You are free to customize the eyeliner packaging boxes according to your desire. Our designers provide you with a template before manufacturing the boxes so that you confirm the design and color. You can choose any design from an unbeatable variety that we are offering at ICustomBoxes.

• Front tuck and reverse end tuck

• Display boxes

• Sleeve and try boxes

• Auto bottom boxes and many others

To make them more appealing you can also add a window die-cut in it with a PVC sheet that will provide a stunning look to the packaging and allow the customer to see the inside product easily without opening the box.

You can get eyeliner boxes, sleeve boxes, window boxes, mascara boxes. Games Boxes,  and many other boxes in any size and design. From small to large every size is available here. Our professionals help you to choose the best design for your precious item.

Improved Protection Against any Sort of Contamination

Protection of the product is the main concern of every company. To make your packaging sturdier and more protective you can increase the layers of flute in the corrugated boxes. It will help to keep the product safe while shipping from damaging through the vibration on the unpaved roads. Over boxes such as  Custom printed eyeliner boxes, Hair Boxes, foundation boxes are the best and cheap options for brand advertisement. 

You can also add lamination to make it protective against any sort of contamination. It will help you to keep your product safe for a long time.

Eyeliner Boxes

You Can Promote Your Brand with Eyeliner boxes

Print your brand name and logo on the boxes in a creative way that can make your identity in the market and your customers can recognize it from a distance. You visit over website Cosmetic Boxes for more details.

To give a professional look you can also add product detail to the box. It will also build the customers' trust in you. To make your brand name prominent we are offering different printing techniques. Like:

• Embossing

• Debossing

• Raised ink

• Silver and gold foiling

Our clients are completely free to choose any design, color, and size for their boxes. If you are in the hunt for premium quality eyeliner pencil packaging then you are on the right platform. iCustom Boxes will help you to provide your desired boxes at minimum rates.



Benefits of Custom Eyeliner box packaging in Highlighting the Products

The use of custom eyeliner boxes is to protect the quality of the product. The packaging must be sturdy that hold these fragile eyeliners tightly. It enhances the reputation of your brand as well because of the unique designs.

Thus, sturdy packaging materials like cardboard, corrugated, and Kraft are the most demanding ones in the market. In customization, the use of these fascinating packaging paper is high. Hence, it creates appealing designs of  Eyeliner Boxes.

The benefit of this demanding packaging papers is:

  • Sturdy packaging keeps the eyeliners fresh 

  • The boxes are air-tightened and composed in themselves that protect the fragile eyeliners

  • It maintained the appearance of the eyeliners as well by maintaining their original look 

Role of Eyeliner Packaging in Promoting a Beauty Brand Successful in the Market

Yes! Without any doubt, the best packaging helped your brand to get a promotion. Meanwhile, the sturdy Eyeliner Boxes increased your sale rate and band value due to the enchanting color schemes. So, make sure that your packaging is not dull for the buyers. To make them fascinating for the onlooker’s eye give them a different and unique look. The most demanding color patterns are:

  • CMYK+1PMS, CMYK+2PMS3D/2D printing

  • Digital printing

  • One-color printing

Hence the most attractive and lavish look of the boxes only get through the attractive color schemes. Customers can customize the best eyeliner packaging boxes in one color or multiple-colored looks. So, avail the most attractive and fascinating designs of the boxes by keeping them more appealing for the buyers too.  

Unique Size and Shapes Increase Your Product Visibility

To increase your product sale, make sure that your branded eyeliners are packed in fascinating designs of the Custom Printed Eyeliner Boxes. The most attractive and lavish designs of the boxes make your brand different from other brands. So, make sure that every design of the box is complimentary for your brand as well. the most appealing designs are:

  • Gable box style

  • Sleeve boxes

  • Front and reverse end tuck boxes

  • Window die-cut boxes

These are the most demanding designs of the eyeliner packaging boxes to enhance the product sale. The use of window die-cut on the box is to provide a clear look of the inside eyeliner. Hence, every design is unique in its way to give a fresh look to the boxes. So, invest in companies that help you to promote your brand all over the world. Meanwhile, customize the boxes according to the sizes of eyeliners. In this way, your product will remain safer and don’t get misplaced.  

Get the Right to Customize your Eyeliner Box Packaging As You Want

Every client has this right to avail the boxes of his choice. So, invest your money in the right place and keep in touch with the best manufacturing companies to customize Custom Eyeliner Boxes. Meanwhile, keep your mind strategic to understand the innovative ideas that bring marvelous shapes of the boxes.

The best manufacturing companies like urgent boxes understand your point of view. The main concern of every customizing company is to satisfy the clients by providing the desired eyeliner packaging boxes.  Moreover, the uniqueness in the boxes is in the customer’s hand. So, make sure that you are fully acknowledged with the upcoming trends of the packaging. On the other hand, experts of the company will also guide you to grab the most attractive style of the boxes. 

Avail of the Best Candle Boxes at Wholesale Rates

Candle Boxes

It is necessary to keep in touch with such companies that are providing custom boxes at reasonable prices. For that reason, you have to be active on their social sites to avail the latest offers of such companies. Most important, the Eyeliner Boxes at Wholesale are beneficial to maintain your budget. Customers can avail the boxes in bulk form by maintaining the level of the budget as well.   

Make Your Eyeliner Boxes Unique From Competitors

To make the Eyeliner Boxes unique from your competitors make sure that you are contacting with right kind of company. Hence, experienced companies have the margin to provide you with the idea about the latest trends of eth customization. Meanwhile, the fascinating designs of the boxes only come out due to the customizing add/on features like as:

  • Embossing/debossing 

  • PVC sheet

  • Spot UV

  • Silver/gold foiling

  • Perforation/scoring/gluing

These are the most attractive and fascinating features that make the Cosmetic boxes unique and build a great perception of your brand. So, make sure that you are representing your brand with high-class packaging, elegant printing, and eye-catching designs of the Custom Eyeliner Boxes. The use of embossing/debossing is to provide a very prominent look of the boxes with your brand logo. Hence your logo becomes more enchanting by using silver/gold foiling. So, make every style attractive for your brand to enhance your eyeliner demand.



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Know The Importance of Chinese Takeout Boxes for Chinese Food Item

Everybody appreciates such packaging that provides ease in handling the stuff. So, one of the most attractive packaging’s is Chinese takeout boxes because it has handled that give an easy hold. So, promote your food items on fascinating packaging that give an extraordinary appearance of the packaging. Food lovers love to buy such food items that are packed in fresh packaging.      

The most important point is you have to present the Chinese food product in custom Chinese takeout boxes. It gives extraordinary importance to the food as it provides a fresh appearance. People love to eat tasty and fresh food products in appealing and composed packaging. Hence, food flavor remains fresh as it is packed in composing material packaging. You can attract your clients towards your brand by having eye-catching prints of the packaging. 

So, pay more attention to the packaging while presenting your Chinese food to Chinese food lovers. The fascinating packaging of the Chinese Takeout Boxes can be used as a plate as well. Hence, it provides the luxury look of the food and brand as well. The handle of the box provides an ease to hold the Chinese food and deliver it to the customer's door in fresh taste. 

Promote Your Brand

Everybody wants to promote his food brand and get a name and fame. So, it would never happen unless pr until you have to work on the packaging. Your Chinese food brand needs perfect packaging that will increase your brand demand as well. So, for the preservation of Chinese food items, you have to select the style of the box according to your food. So, custom Chinese take-out boxes are best to present any food item to your customer's tables. 

Meanwhile, you can put your brand logo on the Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes to let your customers know about your brand products. You have to present your food wounder fascinating packaging that keeps the food fresh and preserves its taste. In this way, customers will suggest the brand to other buyers as well due to your commendable packaging. 

  •  Promote your brand by placing the logo on the perfect place of the packaging

  • Choose incredible fonts for the logo that is readable and visible

  • Make your brand logo prominent by having appealing color 

  • Promote your brand with a tagline that appeals to the customers to buy from you.

  • Make the packaging perfect for the buyers that keep the food fresh

We Present Production Details

We know the worries of clients about the composed and attractive packaging. Hence, we provide you with the whole detail about our manufacturing technique that keeps your packaging appealing to others. Our customized Chinese takeout packaging is worthy and sturdy at the same time to protect your food. You can put any of the food in it to present well in front of the buyers. 

  • Our experts will let you know about the packaging material of the boxes

  • Fascinating printing techniques that give a natural look to the packaging

  • We provide commendable designs of the boxes and provide you at wholesale rates

  • We will keep in touch with you to provide you with the minute details about your order

How do Chinese Takeout Boxes Make Serving too Easy?

That’s an interesting question for us and we know your concern. So let us take away your doubts and concern that handle of the Chinese takeout boxes give an easy hold. It can easily serve at the tables and the customer's door. The handle gives you the surety that you are holding sturdy packaging. The use of cardboard packaging material is to provide the most fascinating look of the boxes. It keeps your food fresh as it works a heat resistance for the food. 

Refrigerator and Microwave Friendly

Yes, Chinese takeout boxes are microwave friendly due to their fascinating packaging. It doesn’t release and absorb any harmful chemicals that can damage the taste of the food. It keeps the food fresh and preserver its taste as well. So, make sure that your packaging is perfectly fine that preserve the taste of the food. 

Get Fascinating Designing and Color Impact from Us

Nobody will visit your food brand unless you have appealing color schemes. Hence Chinese takeout boxes are so commendable but they can’t make your brand successful until you have fascinating color schemes. So, provide the luxurious and commendable color pattern to your packaging to create the path of success for your brand. 


  • Digital printing

  • 3D/2D printing

  • One-color printing

So, we used these printing techniques to create the most appealing color look of the Dispenser Boxes. Meanwhile, every design and style is perfectly commendable while having the most vibrant color. 

Chinese Take Out Boxes are Available at Urgent Boxes

Our company Urgent boxes are commendable in creating the most stunning designs and style of eth Chinese takeout boxes at wholesale rates. We have the extraordinary machinery that creates the fascinating look of eth Food Boxes. Hence, our experts prefer eco-friendly packaging because it sustains the quality of food and packaging as well.



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The Ultimate Lead for Obtaining Your Lotion Boxes

Every man and woman uses lotion to keep the body soft and moisturizing. Different varieties of lotions are available in the market in fascinating custom Lotion Boxes. It's important to keep the packaging secure for the lotion product because it can easily get damaged. So, make sure that the packaging is sturdy and fascinating. 

Nobody will buy lotion products from you again if they found out any leakage. The leakage of eth product shows the bad coverage of the custom lotion packaging. So, prefer fascinating and sturdy packaging material that creates a composed and strong box. Appealing designs, eye-catching points will insist the buyers buy from you again. So, pay more interest in developing the most fascinating look of the boxes to amuse the consumers.  

Use More Suitable Material for Better Boxes

Get better material to avail the sturdy packaging for lotions. Lotions are fragile items and easily get the leak. So, it put a bad impression of your brand on customer’s mind. So, pay enough attention to the packaging of the lotions to give it a more fascinating look. Meanwhile, the most attractive and fascinating look of the boxes is only possible due to its appealing packaging material like as:

  • Kraft

  • Cardboard

  • Corrugated

These three papers can mold into different designs and create the most fascinating look of the boxes. It makes the best and sturdy lotion boxes in no time as well. Hence, the use of Kraft paper is to present any lightweight item or single-piece product to the buyers. The same goes for the cardboard and corrugated material as well. 

The demand for eco-friendly, sustainable, and recyclable materials is high. Thus, it reduces the risk of releasing harmful chemicals to the environment. So, make sure that your custom lotion boxes are perfectly packed in fascinating and strong packaging. It will gain the trust of buyers as they will know about the best packaging of your branded lotions. 

Pick a Different Design Pattern

Packaging is incomplete without the selection of the best design. Hence custom lotion boxes will attract clients based on fascinating designs. These designs will help them to know about the quality of the product. So, your packaging design must be fascinating and appealing at the same time. Thus, it means every design has its value in creating a huge demand for your brand. The most stunning designs are:

  • Gable boxes

  • Sleeve boxes

  • Front and reverse end tuck boxes

  • Boxes with window die-cuts

  • Boxes with sections

So, these are the most prominent designs for the lotion boxes& LuxuryCandle Boxes Wholesale that enhance the product demand. Meanwhile, customers love to buy such products that have fascinating lotion packaging. The use of windows on the boxes is considered the most attractive method that enhanced the demand for lotions in the market. 

Choose Contrasting Colors to Make your Boxes More Beautiful

Okay, that’s another interesting technique in customization to prepare the most fascinating look of the custom lotion packaging and Blank Cereal Boxes. So, make sure that your color scheme is perfect in attaining the attraction of onlookers. Nobody likes to buy dull packaging that is not attractive at all. So, maintain your brand reputation in the market by providing the most eye-catching colors on the boxes. 

  • Digital printing

  • 3D/2D printing

  • One-color printing


These are the most attractive technique that develops the vibrant and decent color for your custom lotion packaging. It depends on the client’s choice to select one basic color and printing technique as well to get the most fascinating look of eth boxes. The use of 3D/2D printing is to create the 3D look of the box. So, choose the color according to the product quality.

Hence, customers must be strategic while selecting the most prominent color for the Custom Lotion Boxes Bath bomb boxes. Try to create the matching combo because it gives a very attractive look to a product and brand as well. Make sure that visitors are happy with having the best color scheme of your product packaging. That’s why to put the necessary attention in creating the marvelous color look of the boxes. 

Impress Your Consumers With the Best Custom Lotion Boxes

Your main focus must be to impress your visitors that they will never leave your brand without buying from you. So, it becomes only possible if you know the latest tactics of packaging and presentation style. Your lotion brand must follow modern tactics in developing the fascinating look of the custom lotion packaging. 

Meanwhile, add silver/gold foiling to make the box more fascinating, as well as debossing/embossing, also work in your favor. So, create the attractive and lavish look of the boxes by having these add/on features.  

Custom lotion boxes are available with a 20% Discount at Urgent Boxes

Our company provides very reasonable rates on lotion boxes at wholesale and Cosmetic box Packaging. So, our clients can buy the luxurious designs and packaging of their choice at a 20% discount. So, avail of our fascinating option and make your lotion brand on the top of the list.



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The #1 Technique for Making Your Pre-roll Boxes Unique Everyone Needs to Know

Let us provide you with information about the latest techniques that bring the fascinating look of the pr-roll boxes. Hence, the use of pre-roll is high these days that’s why presenting them in fascinating design is necessary. So, make sure that every design is appealing for the consumers that intend them to buy from you.  

The most eye-catching designs of the pre roll packaging that will increase your sale must be your priority. Hence, every fascinating design like as

  • Gable box

  • Sleeve box

  • Mailer box

  • Front and reverse end tuck box

These are the most attentive and appealing designs that give them the lavish look of the pre-rolls. Every design becomes prominent due to different customizing features. Meanwhile, the gable box style will save your pre-rolls and give a very eye-catching look to your product. So, avail such commendable packaging for your precious pre-rolls. 

Start by choosing a good material

Urgent Boxes presents the outstanding printed pre-roll boxes in fascinating designs.

It is the first and foremost technique that every pre-roll business dealer should know. Your packaging is one of the utmost points that provide the surety that pre-rolls are safe. Hence, the most commendable Pre-roll Packaging material that is sturdy, eco-friendly, sustainable, and recyclable at the same time. 

  • Corrugated

  • Cardboard

  • Kraft

These three packaging papers are mostly in demand as it provides the surety of the safe arrival of the pre-rolls. Meanwhile, the Cardboard Boxes Wholesale also in such packaging material secure the pre-rolls from dust and save their physical appearances. On the other hand, it provides sustainable coverage to the pre-rolls to protect them from heat and harmful chemicals. 

Moreover, avail the option of this packaging material that creates fascinating Custom Pre-roll Packaging. Hence, cardboard demand is high in the market to provide the fluffiest look of the boxes. Kraft demands to provide one piece item or light weight items to your buyers in fascinating packaging. 

 Achieve your goals with different customizations

The different customizing methods are available that create the lavish look of the pre-roll boxes. Thus, every style, dimension, and size of the boxes remain appealing for others due to its high-quality packaging material. Clients can add different add/on features that are the fascinating ones for your worthy pre-rolls. So, have a look at the most interesting feature that gives them the appealing look of the boxes.

Charm Your Products with a Touch of Add-ons

Urgent Boxes presents the outstanding printed pre-roll boxes in fascinating designs.

The most attractive add/on features that give a different look to the pre-roll packaging are:

ü Silver/gold foiling

ü Embossing/debossing

ü Gloss/matt/sating lamination

ü Raised Inks

ü Spot UV

ü Scoring/ perforation/ gluing

Every feature has its importance in creating the marvelous look of the Custom Pre-roll Boxes. So, choose any of the add/on features for your custom box to attain the attention of the onlookers. The use of embossing/debossing will make an appealing texture that increases your product sale. The use of foiling is also important in creating the best appearance of the packaging. 

 Make use of customizable printing

Okay! This method is very interesting that creating a magical look of the Pre-roll joint Boxes. Hence, the importance of printing is to fade out the dull impression of the packaging. The use of hi-tech machinery is awesome in creating the mind-blowing colors for the boxes. besides that, appealing colors can only come out through these fascinating printing techniques like as:

  • Digital printing

  • 3D/2D printing


  • One-color scheme

These methods are more prominent in creating the lavish look of the boxes. Hence, the use of CMYK and PMS is to generate one basic color that you want for your Custom Pre-roll Packaging. The most vibrant and attractive color schemes impress the buyers to suggest the brand to others as well.  

Enhance Your Product Efficiency with Inserts

Urgent Boxes presents the outstanding printed pre-roll boxes in fascinating designs.

The use of inserts in the Pre-roll Packaging Boxes is common due to its unique pattern and style. Hence, clients can customize the inserts in any shape and style. While presenting your pre-rolls add those inserts to let the buyers know about your further plans. You can put the instructions and thank you notes to welcome them into your brand. It provides an excellent impression of your brand to the clients. 

Choose us to Carry out Your Pre-roll Packaging Requirements

We know about your worries regarding the best custom pre-roll packaging. But don’t worry, our company Urgent Boxes do warm welcome to all the clients that desire for best packaging. We used the latest machinery that save time and create fascinating designs and prints. We have experts that let us guide you about the best designs of eth boxes.

Most importantly, we provide the best rates to our customers of custom Pre roll Packaging Wholesale. Our designs are commendable and appropriate according to the size and dimension of your product. We provide you the surety that customers bought from you and suggest the brand to others as well.



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Window Gift Boxes at Lowest Rates are available at ICustomBoxes

Why custom gift boxes with windows are the best choice

No doubt packaging plays a vital role in the trade market. Retailer or product manufacturing companies try to use packaging that can protect their products properly as it is the main function of packaging to keep the products safe. But many products need direct eye contact. For this purpose, a cool feature is introduced by the boxes manufacturing companies. Window die-cut boxes are the best solution for that product that needs the eye-contact. Window Gift Boxes help to showcase your product on the shelves and make it easy for the customers to recognize and choose the product without wasting time. 

It is the perfect way to grab the customers’ attention towards your precious item. To make it secure a PVC sheet can be applied on the die-cut that can keep the product safe from dust, moisture, and other harmful environmental factors. Boxes with window die-cut are the best option to present the product in the market.

Window Gift Boxes
Window Gift Boxes

Get Custom Printed window gift boxes wholesale with different styles

There are hardly a few items that come without packaging otherwise packaging becomes part and parcel for the trade market to enhance the sale. The immense variety of boxes styles are used for the packaging of the different items. As every product has its specifications similarly its packaging need is also different from others. You can customize boxes according to your product need or can get a die-cut in any size or design.

We offer unique stylish window Gift Boxes and many other boxes such as pencils boxes, Games Boxes, nail polish boxes that can easily capture the heart of the customers. If you want to win the heart of someone then nothing is better than to give him a gift in stunning packaging. And adding this cool feature to the packaging may also enhance the worth of your gift. It will allow the other person to have a direct view of the gift through packaging.

Gift Boxes with Window
Gift Boxes with Window

Printing all the Required Information on Custom gift boxes with window

Make your Window Gift Boxes tempting with cheerful colors and luxury printing designs. Select the right color scheme for printing by availing yourself of the help of our professionals. They have a very clear idea of how to make your Gift Boxes with Window and many other boxes such as sleeve boxes, nail polish boxes, Boxes for Pencils tempting to grab the attention of the customers. For this purpose, we use CMYK and PMS color schemes with advanced printing technology to give a perfect appearance to the packaging.

To enhance the product value, you can print the product detail on the box like product specifications, expiration date, product usage, etc. It will give a professional look to the packaging and also can earn the trust of the customers. For printing all these things, you can contact our expert team.

Fully Utilize Window Gift Boxes with Logo to Enhance Your Business

To make your brand recognition in the market we customize premium quality window gift boxes with your brand name and logo. It will help you to make your identity and enhance your sale. People can easily recognize your product among thousands of other brands. To make the logo and name prominent we are offering 2D, 3D, digital printing and offset printing as well as you can also avail of the service of raised ink. Our clients are free to choose any printing technology.

Besides these, you can also choose silver and gold foiling to give a shiny look to the packaging. Furthermore, you can have the facility of embossing that is the perfect way to prominent your logo or name on the box.

Window Gift Boxes Wholesale
Window Gift Boxes Wholesale

Get Custom Printed Window Gift Boxes at Lowest Rates

iCustom Boxes is the best supplier of window gift boxes wholesale. Here at ICustomBoxes, you just not get affordable rates but also the premium quality that no other one is providing in the market. Now you do not need to worry about the rates and quality. You can get both things under the same roof. 

We are also offering great discounts on already low rates and free shipping facilities because we aim to give maximum benefit to our trusted clients. Before ordering bulk, you can also get a free mock-up sample for satisfaction. So that, it will save them time and money.



How to get the best serum boxes?

The demand for serums is high in this era that’s why keep them in protective packaging. The readymade packaging is not as preferable as it is the customized boxes. So, order the best designs of the serum boxes that keep the serums fresh and authentic. To avail of the mind-blowing appearances of the customized boxes, keep in touch with customizing companies.

 The manufacturing companies like Urgent Boxes will guide you about that trend of the Custom Serum Boxes. Keep yourself focused on availing the most fascinated and unique designs of the boxes. Every serum box must be made with outstanding packaging material that keeps the design of the box accurate. 

Use High-quality Materials

The most important thing that keeps the boxes in their real shape is the material. So, don’t prefer sturdy packaging to protect the glass bottles of serums. Hence the most affordable and fascinating packaging is hundred percent eco-friendly and chemical-free. 

 Cardboard

 Corrugated

 Kraft

Go for Durable and Easily Accessible Designs

That’s important to avail the most suitable designs for the Serum Boxes. All designs enhance the demand of serums because it protects it in a good way. Designs of the boxes must be prominent and fascinating for others as well. Make sure that serums are safe and sizes are equivalent to the product. The designs must be attractive and esthetic in appearance that makes your product appealing for the customers.

• Display boxes

• Front and reverse end tuck boxes

• Box with lid

• Sleeve boxes

• Two-piece boxes

• Boxes with window die-cuts

These are the most interesting and demanding designs for the Custom Serum Boxes. Hence, you can design these appealing designs according to the size and style of the serums. This is the benefit of customizing method that you can easily get changes before going orders. The stylish window die-cut feature gives a very different look to the Sleeve Boxes. The clear visibility of the product without opening the packaging is like icing on the cake for the customers. 

 Choose a Suitable Printing Technique for Your Serum Products

Okay! It is a little bit critical and crucial portion in packaging. But you have to be active and strategic to customize the best look of the Custom Printed Serum Boxes. The use of every printing method is different from others as every technique provides a different look. So, make the right choice and select the best printing technique to enhance your product value. Make sure that your printing colors are not that dark and dull. So, maintain the mediatory way to grow your business. 

Charming Color Combinations


 3D/2D printing

 Digital printing

So, these printing methods are more common to create the best color schemes for the Serum Boxes. The combination of CMYK and PMS is amazing as it gives a unique color to the boxes. On the other hand, you can design the digital look of the boxes by using digital printing. Besides that, make sure that every color is vibrant and decent for the eyes of buyers to buy from you and recommend your product to others as well.  

 Include Add-ons to Make the Packaging more Stylish

The packaging of the Serum Boxes Wholesale becomes more stylish after adding the most fascinating add-on features. Every feature has its strength and value in making the boxes mind-blowing. Besides that, the most valuable and demanding features that give an appealing look to the boxes are:

 Silver/gold foiling

 Embossing/debossing

 Perforation/scoring/scoring

 PVC sheet

 Spot UV

 Raised inks

 Soft-touch

Every feature has its importance in creating the most fascinating look of the custom serum boxes. The use of embossing/debossing in the packaging to highlight the texture of the boxes. Hence, silver/gold foiling is attractive and appealing because it gives a very different look to the packaging. The use of a PVC sheet is highly recommended as it covered the boxes from any mishap. It is hundred percent eco-friendly and recyclable. 

 Custom Serum Boxes are Available at Urgent Boxes

You don’t need to waste your time searching for the best manufacturing company as Urgent boxes is here to serve you wholeheartedly. Our well-furnished types of equipment create the latest designs of the Dispenser Boxes in no time. We serve to pour honorable clients 24/7 and provide you with the surety about the sturdiness of the boxes. Hence, we make sure that your packaging is attractive that increased your sale rate. 

Avail of the Best Serum Boxes at Wholesale Rates

We provide you with the luxurious packaging of the Serum Boxes at wholesale rates. Hence, our rates are reasonable as we provide discounts and sales too on special occasions. So, make sure that you are investing in the right kind of company that provides the commendable designs of the boxes. Our experts will also provide you with further guidance related to your Custom Boxes.

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Get Custom Hair Extension Boxes at Wholesale Rates Available in the USA

We are aware of our customer's concern about the high rates of custom hair extension boxes. But don’t worry, we are here to remove your all worries and provide you pleasure by giving different discounts on special occasions. Our company is working in the US that is authentic in rates and packaging as well. 

Most importantly, our experts always tried to keep in touch with the customers to provide you the further updates about your custom Hair Extension Packaging. Meanwhile, we use affordable material that creates maximum copies of the boxes at one time. Our machinery is latest in developing the most suitable designs for your box.

The hair extension boxes wholesale are beneficial to maintain the budget. Hence, you will get boxes in bulk form that maintain your budget limit. Moreover, these boxes are sturdy as it is hundred percent recyclable. So, make sure, that you are investing your money in a trustworthy company that provides the brilliant stylers of the boxes in no time. 

How Hair Extension Box Packaging Can Increase your Sale

One must ask this question to the manufacturing company before giving an order to them. Like us, we will provide you the full guidance about customizing the best hair extension packaging boxes in different designs. 

• Increase your product sale by keeping the boxes design innovative

• Enhance the value of your hair extension by presenting them in multiple colors of printed hair extension boxes

• make sure that boxes are best for the external protection of the hair extension and wigs

Promote your brand by availing of our customized boxes

Availing the fascinating designs of the custom hair extension boxes enhanced your brand reputation. We designed these Blank Cereal Boxes in a very unique way that automatically attracts onlookers. We provide you with the guarantee that visitors will buy your hair extension only based on our packaging.

• Enhance your brand value by selecting the best fonts of the logo 

• Fonts must be visible and clear to understand

• Increased the charm of your product and brand by using silver/gold foiling to make the presentation better

• The use of embossing/deboss feature is to provide the most esthetic look of the boxes 

• Avail the boxes with a window die-cut feature that enhanced your brand value as it attracts customers a lot

Eco-friendly material is appropriate to keep your product fresh

Our company is known for its honesty and hard work. We always put our honest efforts into creating the best designs of custom hair extension boxes. The material we used is eco-friendly, sustainable, and recyclable. Hence, it provides the surety that your hair extension remains safer and secure. To avail, the best packaging that keeps your hair extension safe from any dust and harmful chemicals prefer this material.

• Cardboard

The use of cardboard boxes is to protect the items like hair extensions and other fragile products from any mishap. Hence, it becomes only possible to grab the most attractive and fascinating designs of the boxes that keep the extension fresh. 

• Corrugated 

The corrugated boxes mostly use to store things that are in a huge range. So, you can protect your hair extensions several times by putting them in corrugated packaging. It gives a sturdy look to the boxes that are air-tightening as well.

• Kraft

Now Kraft boxes have the specialty to create such designs of the boxes that are used for lightweight items. Hence it can become sturdy by adding two three layers together. So, avail these enchanting packaging papers to make every design of the box prominent and exciting for the others. 

Designing and color impact must be suitable

Boxes become the center of everyone's attention due to their fascinating designs. Hence, the use of hair extensions is high as it increases the beauty of hairs. So, make sure that your brand is presenting the commendable designs of the hair extension packaging boxes as a whole. Hence at wholesale, customers can avail the boxes in maximum quantity. The most demanding designs of the boxes are:

• Two-piece boxes

• Front end tuck boxes

• Sleeve boxes

• Mailer boxes

These are the most interesting designs of the custom hair packaging that give a very commendable look to the product. We provide you with the surety that customers must recommend your brand to others to buy from you. It will happen only due to the eye-catching designs of the  Cake Boxes Wholesale. hence, prefer CMYK and PMS printing method to bring fascinating color for the boxes

why choose us

Yeah! That’s a big query. So, let us explain our specialty that we create the best designs of Hair Extension Boxes at very cheap rates. Our experts are hardworking in making every design of the box prominent and enchanting for the customer. We do fast delivery to your doors within the given time. Hence, our printing colors are secure and will be prominent and long-lasting.



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